Whitehill Barn: A Holiday Let Photoshoot

Whitehill Barn reached out to me with an exciting offer: to photograph their brand new holiday let. Nestled right by Hadrian’s Wall and just a hop away from the Lake District and the Scottish border, it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. Here’s the scoop on our photo-filled adventure!

Setting the Scene

The folks at Whitehill Barn wanted the photos to showcase the property and capture the essence of a getaway there. My goal was clear: bring the experience of tranquillity and beauty to life through my camera. The barn, a beautiful blend of rustic charm and modern chic, was just begging to be photographed.

Capturing Whitehill Barn

Here’s a rundown of what we focused on during the shoot:

  • Exterior Elegance: I caught the barn bathed in the beautiful sunlight, which highlighted the stunning stone architecture and the vibrant, green surroundings.
  • Interior Charm: Inside, the barn felt like a cosy, inviting haven. My challenge was to capture that warmth and comfort, making sure the photos conveyed a welcoming atmosphere. Strategic lighting played a huge role in bringing out the intimate details.
  • Landscape and Location: It was essential to showcase the barn’s proximity to iconic landscapes. Wide shots included glimpses of the lush, expansive views, emphasising how ideal Whitehill Barn is for explorers.
  • A Touch of Life: I also staged a few lifestyle shots—think morning coffee on the patio with sprawling hills in the background or a cosy evening playing board games. These scenes were all about showing potential visitors the serene moments they could enjoy.

Wrapping Up the Shoot

Post-shoot, I dove into selecting the best shots and tweaking them to perfection. This meant adjusting colours, balancing lighting, and ensuring each photo invited viewers to step right into the scene.

The Final Touch

The finished photos turned out fantastic, capturing the spirit of Whitehill Barn and its beautiful setting and I’m looking forward to seeing them splashed across the barn’s website and social media, inviting everyone to come and experience this special place.

Photographing Whitehill Barn was not just another gig—it was a chance to capture and convey the soul of a new holiday destination. I’m thrilled to have played a part in bringing their vision to life and can’t wait to see how guests react to these visual stories. What a rewarding project!

Eireann Devlin – Actors Headshots