Penrith Building Society

In the realm of financial institutions, the essence of a company often lies in the faces and personalities behind its operations. Recently, I had the honour of collaborating with the Penrith Building Society to capture the essence of their team through headshots and candid photographs that embody the ethos of the society. This two-day photographic journey aimed to put faces to the names customers encounter online or in branches, fostering a sense of connection and trust in the community-focused institution.

The Collaboration:
The collaboration with Penrith Building Society was rooted in a shared commitment to humanise the company’s image and showcase the dedication of its team members. As a photographer, my mission was to go beyond mere headshots and capture candid moments that reflect the society’s warmth, professionalism, and customer-centric ethos.

Understanding Penrith Building Society’s Vision:
Before the photography sessions, I delved into Penrith Building Society’s vision and values. Understanding their commitment to community, integrity, and personalised service allowed me to approach the shoot with a deep appreciation for the culture and identity of the institution.

Headshots and Candid Moments:
Over two days, I had the privilege of photographing every member of staff and directors at Penrith Building Society. The headshot sessions aimed to capture the professionalism and approachability of each individual, providing customers with a familiar face to connect with. In addition, candid photographs were taken to showcase the team at work, highlighting their dedication, teamwork, and the vibrant atmosphere within the organisation.

Putting Faces to Names:
The photography sessions aimed to bridge the gap between the institution and its customers by putting faces to the names they encounter. The photographs aimed to humanise the brand and foster a sense of familiarity and trust among customers by showcasing the team members in their natural environment and capturing candid moments of interaction.

AGM and Continued Collaboration:
In addition to the initial photography sessions, I will be returning to photograph Penrith Building Society’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) and capture more candid shots as the company shifts its marketing direction to be more personable and customer-focused. This ongoing collaboration reflects Penrith Building Society’s commitment to transparency, community engagement, and building meaningful customer relationships.

Internal and External Use:
The photographs captured during the two-day shoot will be utilised both internally and externally by the Penrith Building Society. Internally, the images will strengthen team morale, foster a sense of unity, and reinforce the company’s values. Externally, the photographs will be used across various marketing channels to showcase the institution’s human-centric approach and build rapport with current and potential customers.

Collaborating with Penrith Building Society on their headshots and candid photography was more than just capturing images; it was about telling a story of dedication, community, and personalised service. I aimed to encapsulate the spirit of the building society and put faces to the names that customers trust. As the photographs find their way into the hearts and minds of the community, I take pride in knowing that I played a role in humanising the brand and fostering meaningful connections between Penrith Building Society and its customers.

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