The Collaboration:

The collaboration with Mallerstang began with a shared enthusiasm for translating the essence of their music into captivating visuals. As a photographer, my goal was not just to document the performance but to encapsulate the raw emotion, the electric atmosphere, and the unique personality of the band members on stage.

Understanding the Band’s Vibe:

Before the gig, I delved into Mallerstang’s music, discography, and visual identity. Understanding the band’s vibe, their stage presence, and the visual elements that define them allowed me to prepare for the shoot with a clear vision. This pre-gig immersion was essential to ensure that the resulting photographs would not only be visually striking but also authentically Mallerstang.

Gear Preparation:

Capturing the energy of a live performance requires the right gear and technical know-how. I meticulously prepared my equipment, selecting lenses that could handle low-light conditions, fast-paced movements, and the dynamic range of a concert setting. Anticipating the unpredictable nature of live gigs, I aimed to be as unobtrusive as possible while still capturing the essence of the performance.

The Live Gig:

As the stage lights dimmed and the first notes resonated through the venue, I immersed myself in the heartbeat of Mallerstang’s music. Every flicker of a guitar solo, every passionate expression, and every connection forged with the audience became a visual narrative waiting to be captured. The challenge was not just to freeze moments but to convey the kinetic energy and emotion that coursed through the air.

Creative Composition:

Live gig photography is an art of its own – a dance between the performer and the photographer. I experimented with various angles, focal lengths, and shutter speeds to create a visual symphony that mirrored the band’s sonic masterpiece. From close-ups of intense facial expressions to wide shots capturing the crowd’s ecstatic reaction, each photograph aimed to tell a part of the Mallerstang story.

Collaborating with Mallerstang on their live gig commercial photography was a journey into the heart of music, where sound and vision converged to create a visceral experience. The photographs captured the essence of the band’s dynamic presence, immortalizing moments that speak not just of a performance but of an electrifying connection between musicians and their audience. As the images find their way into promotional materials and the band’s visual narrative, I take pride in knowing that I played a role in preserving the magic of Mallerstang’s live performances for fans and future audiences alike.

Mark Greenaway at the Haweswater Hotel