Eden Event Hire

The Collaboration:

In the world of event planning, every detail matters. From the choice of colours to the furniture arrangement, creating a memorable experience requires meticulous attention. Eden Event Hire, a distinguished name in the event industry, recently embarked on a journey to elevate its brand through a visually stunning catalogue of its furniture offerings. I had the privilege of being part of this transformative process, contributing my skills in commercial photography to showcase their exquisite collection.

Understanding the Brand:

Before diving into the photography sessions, immersing myself in the ethos of Eden Event Hire was crucial. Understanding their brand personality, target audience, and the desired atmosphere they wanted to convey through their furniture helped shape the visual narrative. This pre-shoot groundwork ensured that every photograph captured echoed the elegance and sophistication synonymous with the Eden Event Hire brand.

Planning and Coordination:

Photographing an entire catalogue of furniture for a company requires meticulous planning and coordination. We worked closely to identify key pieces, set themes for different sections, and create a cohesive flow throughout the catalogue. This approach not only streamlined the photography process but also ensured that the final product would seamlessly reflect the brand.

The Final Photographs:

As the final images came together, I started to make draft options for editing styles that best represented the products. Once we decided on a look, I edited the entire collection to match. Creating a seamless blend of aesthetics, functionality, and brand identity.

Collaborating with Eden Event Hire on their commercial photography project was a journey of creativity & precision. Contributing to a brand’s visual language dedicated to turning events into extraordinary moments. As the catalogue finds its way into the hands of event planners and clients, I take pride knowing that my photographs will play a role in setting the stage for countless memorable occasions orchestrated by Eden Event Hire.

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